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Dear DIVE Community,

Welcome to the Digital Institute for Virtual Education (DIVE)! We are starting a new journey to provide high-quality distance education.

I am thrilled to lead this innovative online school, committed to excellence and accessibility. Our curriculum aligns with South African CAPS standards for Grades 8 to 11.

Powered by the Learning Management System, our virtual classrooms provide engaging learning experiences. Our qualified instructors bring expertise to live online classes, pre-recorded video lectures, and interactive modules. We prioritise learner support through online tutoring, academic advising, and active learner forums.

At DIVE, we value the partnership between educators, learners, and parents.  Together, we create an environment where every learner thrives.

Thank you for choosing DIVE. Here is to a year of discovery and achievement!

DIVE is SACAI-registered

At DIVE, we take pride in being SACAI-registered. SACAI, or the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute, is a statutory body overseeing the registration and quality assurance of private and independent educational institutions in South Africa. Being registered with SACAI signifies that we have met the institute's stringent requirements and standards, legally authorising us to provide education and qualifications recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
This commitment ensures that our learners receive quality education aligned with the standards set by the South African government, preparing them for success in their academic and professional journeys.

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